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Hurricane Season 2019

Understanding the various wind speeds and types of devastation a hurricane can do can help you determine whether or not to evacuate. Therefore, please see below as furnished by https://www.nhc.noaa.gov Category Sustained Winds Types of Damage Due to Hurricane Winds 1...

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Volker says bring back the Glass-Steagall Act

This is an article that I wrote prior to President Obama winning the Presidency (circa 2009) and I am posting it again because of popular outcry. There is a push for bringing back Glass-Steagall. Congress has put forth legislation that has time and again fallen short...

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Holy Week

Holy Week changes with the calendar each year, but the meaning of this special week within various religious sects has been etched in history. Basically, it depicts the walk of Jesus Christ to the Cross and thru his Resurrection. The season is sometimes called...

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2019 Tax Reform and What it Means for You

Jeepers, nobody likes tax season, but there are some interesting changes that you ought to know before embarking on your taxes this year. Please note that I am not a tax advisor so all of these changes should be checked with your accountant or tax advisor first. Let's...

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