The first-ever 3D Rocket will launch from Cape Canaveral’s Space Force Station on March 8th, 2023. This is Relativity Spaces Terrain 1 Rocket. The forecast it to launch no earlier than 1 pm EST. This mission is called Good Luck, Have Fun or GLHF for short. (

Illustration of Relativity Space’s 3D Rocket

Tim Ellis formerly of Blue Origin and Jordan Noone from Space X co-founded Relativity Space in 2015. The Terrain 1 is able to hoist 2,756 pounds into low-orbit. (

Founders of Relativity Space; Tim Ellis and Jordan Noone

Terrain 1 is one-hundred-ten feet tall and is the largest 3D-printed object to go into space. 85% of this rocket was built in 3-D and the next one will be 95% 3-D. (

Image of the Terrain 1 3D Rocket

Nine Aeon engines make up the first stage and Aeon Vac engine is the second stage. Relativity Space is using both liquid oxygen and natural gas as propellants. This is the first time a rocket is being launched into space via natural gas. If this is a good event Relativity plans to use methane gas for its missions to Mars. (

Kennedy Space Center

Ellis and Noone have Terrain R in production now. She is 216 feet tall and 16 feet wide. Terrain R is able to foist twenty-five times more payload into low-orbit space than Terrain 1 can. She is a reusable rocket and will be ready for her debut in 2024. (

Keep an eye out for these two innovative and ground-breaking guys. Their rockets are sure to shape our future in space.


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