Relativity Space was founded by two aspiring aerospace engineers, Jordan Noone, and Tim Ellis. These two have rewritten rocket science by creating an innovative manufacturing platform that uses 3D printing to design a reusable 3D rocket, Terrain R, that can transport twenty thousand kilograms into low orbit. Groundbreaking! (,4th%20Generation%20metal%203D%20printers.)

Their proprietary software and advanced machine-learning skills have allowed them to print very large and complex metal objects with ease and reliability. Stargate 4th Generation printers are the key to their innovative success. This specialized printer can print a rocket with hundreds of fewer parts in a fraction of the time traditional manufacturing enterprises can do. This rapid reusable technology is a true market maker which they both believe is the wave of the future. (,4th%20Generation%20metal%203D%20printers.)

The space, aviation, defense, and energy sectors are billion dollars industries. Relativity Space already has several clients who want to make use of its innovative technology. Tim Ellis said, “Large-scale products that are designed to fly will inevitably be 3D printed. – The lighter a product is, the better it performs, and when 3D printing that product, it’s also faster and more cost-effective to produce successive improvements. – We see 3D printing as an automation technology that has the power to change the pace of innovation in manufacturing, which is why we invested in building our own proprietary tech stack from day one.” (,4th%20Generation%20metal%203D%20printers.)

What is truly amazing is how forward-thinking these two young men are. Ellis continued, “Stargate printers are designed to unlock rapid iteration, which opens up opportunities for innovation in large-scale manufacturing products. What would take traditional aerospace and space manufacturers years to develop and build, will be reduced down to months due to a highly adaptable, scalable, and automated process, made possible through software-driven manufacturing.” (,4th%20Generation%20metal%203D%20printers.)

Their offices are in a former Boeing C-17 manufacturing plant in Long Beach California called the Wormhole. This is where they will print the vast majority of what they produce. They are not yet fully operational, but when they are they say that can easily generate four Terrain R rockets in a year! Now that’s what I call an ambitious timetable.

To learn more about these amazing men and their newfangled 3D rocket printing technology visit their website at



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