A Love To Die For

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Chapter 64- Jake’s Herpes Dilemma

The final stage of the renovation was progressing slowly.In part, because Zoë was no longer there to crack the whip, and also because it was not their contractor’s only project. It was a small project,in terms of the contractor’s norm, and far from the most lucrative one they were doing at the time.So, if another project more importantneeded a deadline to be met, making the company more money, their focus was there instead.

                Zoë was frustrated with the slow renovation, but was more concerned right now with this Jake having herpes matter. She wanted to be as reasonable as possible, but she had to know the truth.  How, and with whom did Jake contract this disease?

                They sat in the living room, each approaching the other with caution and dread, afraid to speak first. 

                Finally, Zoë casually said, “Jake,have you seen the doctor yet?”

                He hesitated, then said, “As a matter of fact, I have.”  He tried to sound perky and continued to say, “He gave me some salve to clear it up.”

                “Did he happen to say what it was?” 

                “He didn’t seem to know or didn’t want to say.” 

                Zoë glared at him.

                Finally, unable to keep it to himself any longer he said, “Okay.  I guess you have a right to know.”  He sunk back into the sofa and continued, “The doc thinks it is herpes, and that’s why he prescribed Zorax.”  He leaned forward and said, “He still thinks we should have protected sex when it is obviously an outbreak—he said the infection appears now and then, but is not contagious when the blisters are not on me, And hey – it is much better now.  Want to see?”

                Zoë was heart sunk. She did not pursue this matter at the time—she was too livid to do so without being outrageous. She let it go for the time being, and, Sunday evening, flew back to continue her flight training the next morning. 

                Meanwhile, Jake was bawling out Tess for having given him herpes.   But he had to concede that she was a great piece of ass and maybe worth this horridly painful balls on fire tragedy he was experiencing.  He sought to find out all he could in the coming weeks about controlling and containing his herpes and vowed to spread it to as many gals as he humanly could.  He honestly felt that he should not suffer alone. And, as such, spread it as often as a bee moves from flower to flower, picking out the nectar to make his honey.


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