A Love To Die For

Jan 14, 2019new releases

A Love To Die For

By Michelle Kaye Malsbury

Synopsis, Published January 2019

P4tP-  Publishing 4 the People


Jake is a dashingly handsome, devious, man with a money-amassing, lifetime-exit plan. He lures unsuspecting wealthy ladies in with his well-honed physique and winning charm. When he has them right where he wants them he bamboozles them out of as much money as he can convince them to allow him to control. Jake has managed to make a tidy multi-million dollar nest-egg from these scams, with the aid of his capable and loyal pal, Max.  Most have met unfortunate endings. Will his latest conquest, Zoe, be the one who can show him the meaning and immeasurable value of true love? Or will she meet the same fate as the others?

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