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Does your organization need regular ads (in print and/or online), target audience specific articles for your periodicals/website or handouts, monthly newsletters or other technical writing services? Michelle Kaye Malsbury has been writing ads for print and on line since 1987. Michelle wrote snazzy ads for the NMMA (National Marine Marketing Association), Merrit and Hatteras Yachts to garner clientele for the various boat shows in South Florida and elsewhere. She also acted as a copywriter for a variety of ads, both in print and online, while working for Deborah Owens Writing Services.

To date, Michelle Kaye Malsbury has written over 5.5k articles, blogs, and ads. She can write organization/product/service specific items that inform, educate, and delight your audience. Michelle has been the editor and featured columnist for the Creative Writing Institute in Indianapolis, IN since 2000 and has published articles for LuxMeta’s and Phoenix Rising newsletters too.

Through those early writing experiences Michelle learned to meet and exceed deadlines and how to write concise engaging ads. She can easily tackle your organizational needs, harness your strengths, minimize your weaknesses and help you reap the rewards your organization desires and deserves.

Michelle has written hundreds of technical pieces from SEO’s to how to’s. If your organization has products or services that require manuals she can write them for you. For pricing plans please click here. Please note that all prices are dependent on frequency of needs specific to each organization.

Michelle Kaye Malsbury, the author of several books, has been a contributing freelance writer for our Institute for many years now, and in all honesty, after having used the services of other highly qualified freelancers out there she is the one we return to over and over again. Michelle is absolutely the best. Her writing skills are extremely proficient and her writing style hits the mark every time. Her work is not only always exactly what we asked of her, she often has suggestions that far surpass our own that we end up using every time. Bottom line: Michelle Kaye Malsbury is high quality talent. I would recommend her to anyone.

Dr. DH Parsons

Bliss-Parsons Institute


To create freelance content that educates, inspires, delights, and informs!


To create freelance strategies for organizations and leaders that enhance visibility, builds engagement, and drives credibility and income.

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