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May 3, 2023phone calls

How many of you use Apple’s CarPlay or Android Auto? I did not have either option on my last vehicle but just upgraded it, and since I am an iPhone user Apple Carplay was added with the dealer when I signed on the not-so-dotted line. 

Since I did not have Apple CarPlay previously, I had no idea how prevalent it was. I was in process of reading an article on LinkedIn today and came across one that said that General Motors (GM) was ditching Apple CarPlay and perhaps Android Auto on their newest electric vehicles (EVs).  Critical or not so critical is the question for new EV car buyers.

From my research, it is not so critical, but it sure is a handy feature.  The first GM vehicle to dump these apps is the 2024 Blazer. Google Maps and Google Assistant were featured on all GM vehicles alongside Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Apps in various vehicles in 2019 but GM felt something was lacking for them personally. That something was a seriously big revenue stream. GM is moving entirely toward what Google can offer instead and looking into making these Google App feature subscriptions based on vehicles in their stable to help generate more revenue by 2030. Will more automakers follow their lead? I say probably. 

GM stated that they did not want to have their new vehicles so dependent on people with cell phones. Both will remain available on their regular combustion-based vehicles. I am sure that Apple and Android are equally as unhappy about this notification and will have to work hard to make up for their lost revenue from these contracts. 

In addition to Google’s features, GM will add driving assist apps and better navigation apps to their suite of apps on new vehicles. They (GM) also state that for an eight-year period, they will consider offering these apps and services at no extra cost to the automobile buyer, but over time they will try to sell these as add-ons. According to GM, they could easily generate another $20 to $25 Billion dollars in annual revenue. That is huge!





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