VSS Unity

Who doesn’t know who Richard Branson is? At the young age of fifteen he founded a counterculture magazine that was meant to push for change in the world. It set the pace for all he would pursue later on. He continued his trend to change the world back in the 1970s...

Space Governance

Have you ever wondered if there are any guidelines for what is and is not allowed in space? More than fifty years ago some parameters were set in place regarding space exploration. However, a lot has changed technologically, and as such things may need to be revised...

The Galileo Project

How many of you think you have seen a UFO or what is now termed UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena)? The sighting of UFOs dates back to 1066 under the reign of King Harold II of England and has been depicted in deciphered tapestries (Bayeux Tapestry) from that time...


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