Blockchain is not a new concept, but do you know what it is and does? Reading up on it can be confusing. In this short article, I will attempt to outline Blockchain in layperson’s terms.  Let’s begin by dissecting the above diagram. Ledger implies that it is a form of...

SVB Failure; is it the first in a string of more?

SVB is Sillicon Valley Bank. They were founded in 1983. SVB failed this past Friday, March 10th, 2023, and was overtaken by federal regulators. They were not your typical bank as they specialized in tech startups and had actually financed nearly one-half of all...


I am always amazed at what the latest and greatest technologies are and how we can access them. Have you heard of Cryptopunk? I had not until I watched a segment of MSNBC a couple of days ago. I got curious and figured I would do a bit of research. In case you have no...


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