Cuba Pre-Castro and Now

Cuba was once ruled by Spain. They obtained their independence in 1902. In the wake of that independence, they were economically hamstrung and blighted by corrupt governments. Congress in the United States passed the Platt Amendment which granted the US the right to...

Governor Ron DeSantis on Immigration in Florida

I love news and politics but have purposely stayed on the edge of this illegal immigration fray. Now it is on the fore of my home state’s news thanks to Governor DeSantis. Let me unravel it here for those of you who have not heard what it is about. I will, however,...

SVB Failure; is it the first in a string of more?

SVB is Sillicon Valley Bank. They were founded in 1983. SVB failed this past Friday, March 10th, 2023, and was overtaken by federal regulators. They were not your typical bank as they specialized in tech startups and had actually financed nearly one-half of all...


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