Machine Learning (ML): Supervised, Semisupervised, and Unsupervised

Machine Learning (ML) is shaking up the rapidly moving artificial intelligence (AI) industry in the technology sector. There are various types of machine learning that range from supervised to semisupervised and unsupervised. I will attempt to outline how they work...

Artificial General Intelligence v Artificial Intelligence

Most of you are aware of what artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of, but artificial general intelligence (AGI) is the next step up in machine learning (ML). Neither technology is new per sae. Both were conceived in the 1950s and 1960s. The experts who could...

Claude and Claude 2

I am so curious about the emerging artificial intelligence (AI) marketplace and what it means for business, education, and our personal lives now and in the future. This article will highlight Claude 2 and how it differentiates itself from Google Bard or OpenAi’s...


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