Heard of WeChat? I had not until today, but it is HUGE in China! Let me tell you about it. Tencent is the parent company of WeChat. WeChat is as Connie Chan said “…the one app to rule them all.” Why? Well let’s see what it offers. This app boasts over eight hundred...

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Who had any idea that soccer champion David Beckham had his fingers in the AI pie? I know I was blindsided in this regard. While reading an article in techtarget.com I learned that he had. Let me tell you more, it is fascinating. It is nothing new for stars to use...

Google Bard v ChatGPT

I have previously highlighted ChatGPT and now I will attempt to tell you how ChatGPT and Google Bard differ. Let’s dive in. Both Chat GPT and Google Bard are artificial intelligence (AI) generative chatbots. What that means is that they (both AI programs) deliver...


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