We have heard about ChatGPT, but do you know what FraudGPT is? In this article, I will tell you about it and how best to avoid being defrauded by it. Prompts are similar to ChatGPT. Type in a question, press enter, and a reply is generated. Netenrich tested this...

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) v Discriminative AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is marching onward at an alarming pace. Generally speaking, there are two applications for AI and they are generative AI and Discriminative AI. Let’s take a look a both here. When the AI is able to create pictures, writing samples, audio,...

Cybersecurity and Credential Harvesting

Has your email been hacked? Your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account? Your bank account? All of these incidents can be tabulated as credential harvesting by cyber criminals. What do these cybercriminals want? They want to find out what your passwords and...


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