Work, in-office or remote

Remote work can be either direct hire or contracting. During the pandemic, this became the norm. However, as things normalize this may or may not be the future of work. There are some benefits to remote both types of work. Let’s look at them now. Most direct positions...

Rental Frenzy

This article is about the rental of homes and apartments in Florida, more specifically the St. Augustine area which is located on the northeastern side of Florida. Pre-pandemic things were smooth sailing. Homes were rented for fair prices and renters were not gouged...

Governor Ron DeSantis on Immigration in Florida

I love news and politics but have purposely stayed on the edge of this illegal immigration fray. Now it is on the fore of my home state’s news thanks to Governor DeSantis. Let me unravel it here for those of you who have not heard what it is about. I will, however,...


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