Michelle’s government and educational consulting experience explores and revises your organizations Human Resource Management principles and practices. Her services includes Succession Planning, Pay and Benefits Studies, Job Slotting and Job Descriptions, Change Management and Continuous Process Improvement.

Succession Planning is important and often overlooked in both smaller and larger organizations. As your elder workforce retires you need plan for who is taking their place and how best to make that transition. Pay and Benefits Plans need to be competitive if you want to be able to hire the best talent you can afford. Job Slotting and Job Descriptions can get lost in the day to day activities. Oftentimes it is a decade before organizations notice that these are not in sync with the ever-evolving jobs nowadays. Michelle will update both so your organization is using the most comprehensive titles and positions available in today’s marketplace. Change is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. Michelle has a working knowledge of Systems Thinking, Sigma Six, XYZ Theory, and Change Management that can engage your employees in this process and help them accept change with less fear and uncertainty. She can create realistic and measurable performance criteria for reviews and job/task analysis that allow you and your employees see where they are meeting those expectations and where they fall short.


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