Dr. Neeta Bhushan, Author

Emotional Grit

ISBN 978-0-997767-52-0

Non-Fiction-leadership, emotional intelligence, self-help, transformation

289 pages

July 2019 Review for Bookpleasures

Reviewer-Michelle Kaye Malsbury, BSBM, MM


Doctor Bhushan, author of Emotional Grit, comes from a mixed ethnic background. (inside front cover, 2019) Her Filipino-Indian roots made her your classic over-achiever, but she was not happy. It was this lack of fulfillment that drove her to seek that which was outside of what society expected, self-discovery and emotional satisfaction. The end result of that journey is Emotional Grit.

In order to achieve this degree of self-love Doctor Bhushan embarked on learning and understanding the human dynamics and behavioral make-up of leaders. This in turn, built the structure for her GRIT. To which Bhushan says “To achieve authentic happiness, you must first uncover what stories are playing out in your life.” (prologue, 2019) GRIT became her tagline. (Grow, reveal, innovate, and transform)

The first couple of chapters are about loss, stress, and disease. Doctor Bhushan’s advice for such is to trust and surrender, look for positive messages and reminders, be grateful for what is right in your life, do not lose faith, and be proactive about your mental health and wellbeing. (2019, p.44) “To become our most true selves, we must recognize what life events have shaped and molded us into the individuals we are at this moment.” (p.45)

Chapter three delves into emotions and how they shape our actions or reactions. “You can author your own life, and your story will become the guide, the example for others to awaken their own leadership.” (2019, p.49) In order to become aware of our emotions we should understand our emotional intelligence. This determines how well we manage our self-awareness, self-management, are socially aware, and how we manage our relationships. Bhushan interjects a list of positive and negative emotions that one may experience on any given day. She adds that all people want to obtain five basic things in their lives; acceptance, worthiness, appreciation, enough-ness, and belonging. (2019, paraphrase) To achieve that we must be willing to make take our old journey and shape it into our future.

Taking charge of our lives is a process. What are your life goals? What emotions or thoughts may have prevented you from achieving those goals in the past and how can you avert those mistakes in the future? Was it fear or anxiety? If so, how do we overcome that fear or anxiety?

Make your intentions clear. Do not fear change. Be enthusiastic. Find your bliss. Be silent. Breathe. Plan ahead and set priorities. Try journaling. Forget the past and embrace your present and future. Forgive. Stop trying to be perfect. Take risks.

“Life lessons will keep showing up in our life-until you decide to choose differently.” (2019, p.123) Make better, more informed choices. “The biggest innovators of our time were not afraid to leap outside the confines of mediocrity and were boundless on their vision because of their quest and pursuit for a better way.” (p.139) Think about Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, neither could have achieved what they did without being courageous, taking incredible risks and thinking outside of the box.

If you believe you need a little self-work this is the perfect book for you. I learned a lot as I read it and believe you will too.


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