Who had any idea that soccer champion David Beckham had his fingers in the AI pie? I know I was blindsided in this regard. While reading an article in techtarget.com I learned that he had. Let me tell you more, it is fascinating.

David Beckham, soccer star

It is nothing new for stars to use their star power to help charitable organizations achieve their mission and vision. David Beckham took on Malaria with his “Malaria Must Die” campaign in 2019. What was new about his approach was his use of AI. He worked with deep fake technology to take his speech and facial gestures to translate them into nine various languages that would make the world aware of the necessity to vanquish malaria.

Beckham’s malarial call to Action has become a major movie produced by Ridley Scott with the assistance of a type of AI called Synthesia. Synthesia is a video formatted program that can translate speech into more than one hundred twenty languages with one hundred twenty-five personalized avatars! According to their website you do not need any special equipment or video editing skills to do so. You can learn more about Synthesia by logging on to https://www.synthesia.io/.

That same year (2019) Open AI introduced ChatGPT for the iOS. This groundbreaking program was able to learn from scouring over eight million web pages with the end result being able to select the next word in a sentence or phrase. You may not think that is a big deal. It was a giant success!

Open AI continued to innovate and develop their ChatGPT forum. In 2020 they said they had over three hundred applications that were using their platform. They were not alone.

Microsoft came out with Visual Vocabulary or VIVO program that was able to take images and caption them. Their research in this regard found that their program usurped humans. Impressive eh?

Enter 2021 and Open AI develops what they call Dall-E AI which is able to take text and devise an image using what they call a diffusion model. The name is part from artist Salvador Dali and part fictional robot named Wall-E.

In 2022 Open AI released Dall-E. This release garnered over one hundred million users in a two-month timeframe. It was a sweeping success!

Others were scrambling to keep pace. Could they? What would that do?

No summit comes without hitches. A group of various artists along with Getty Images sued many organizations for copyright infringement. Midjourney, DeviantArt, and Stability AI were some of the top infringers.

Microsoft responded with their version of ChatGTP called Bard in 2023. It was created to work alongside their Bing search engine.

Chat GPT had its 4th iteration released and it is able to discern between text and image prompts to create responses. Is this technology safe? How can we roll it out responsibly? These are actionable questions.

There is a fine line between original content and AI-generated content. As such the creators of these trend-setting apps are now under fire with the US Congress. Stay tuned as more is sure to follow.










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