Communication bungled? Feeling downright indecisive? You are not alone. Maybe Mercury Retrograde is to blame. What is Mercury Retrograde you ask?

Mercury is now in Libra and moving the reverse (backwards) of what she normally does. She came to this position on September 27th, 2021 and this will be her final retrograde for 2021. Breathe a sigh of relief there.

On October 2nd she (Mercury) will leave Libra and move into Virgo and then go direct on the 18th of October. When Mercury moves into Virgo be prepared to see some struggles in your professional and public life.  You may experience difficulties moving forward or have a difficult time representing yourself but that is not all.



Mercury controls all of our verbal and non-verbal communication. This seeps into reading, writing, computers, phones, tablets and other objects of communication, important documents or contracts, etc.. Communication and all that is used for communication is prone to being taken the wrong way and creating chaos. Try to be as concise and clear as possible. Aquarius, Libra, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn may be affected more than some of the other signs.

When Mercury first goes into Retrograde we notice our most transformative period because Mercury locks square with Pluto. At this time we can be argumentative and have intense conversations that cause extreme reactions in others. This ushers in more conflict and upheaval for us. Keep an open mind and take the high road by not reacting on those heady impulses.

Transportation and travel can also be hindered under Mercury Retrograde. As such make no hasty travel plans until Mercury goes direct. Mercury Retrograde sees many more automobile breakdowns than any other time of the year. Travel safely.

Because this retrograde occurs in Libra, which normally balances the scales, there can also be issues in achieving harmony in relationships, both personal and professional. The lines between real and what you may consider ideal can be blocked or broken since Libra is generally ruled by Venus, the love and affection planet. Take your time and get all of the facts before jumping into anything on a personal or professional level.

A good thing to come about from this retrograde is the need to reset some of our most pressing relationships. Retrogrades are notorious for pushing us to reflect upon our lives, social connections of all sorts, and career or business opportunities. Therefore, we tend to revise, rethink, and review what has occurred and what we hope to achieve or have occur in our futures.

As far as our personal lives are concerned we want balance and fairness, harmony and safety. This means we must consider in-depth how we communicate with partners and lovers, friends and family, children, co-workers and bosses, etc.. Be patient and understanding.

Direct infers that Mercury will again move forward and not backward. What does this mean to you and your life for the remainder of 2021?

Direct means that Mercury is again moving forward. Decisions that require any degree of consideration can be blurred or obscured during retrograde. What you should not do is make ANY big decisions until Mercury turns direct or begins her movement forward again. Out of the blue under the direct motion of Mercury you will find clarity on a variety of issues you may have had under consideration during retrograde.  However, be aware that the emotions, thoughts, and feelings attached to the retrograde will not diminish instantly as Mercury goes direct but may instead take as long as three weeks to settle down and smooth out.

I hope this helps explain what your might have been feeling was off or amiss. Go forth armed with the knowledge that this too shall pass.








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