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We have heard about ChatGPT, but do you know what FraudGPT is? In this article, I will tell you about it and how best to avoid being defrauded by it. Prompts are similar to ChatGPT. Type in a question, press enter, and a reply is generated. Netenrich tested this...

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Artemis II

Most of you know that I am a space enthusiast and as such write a lot about our Space Programs. I love it and what we can learn from pursuing it. Last week I had the pleasure to tour the Kennedy Space Center Museum with my sister. It was a spectacular exhibit. I have...

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Who was Charles Crocker?

First, I must confess that little by little I am testing ChatGPT to see how well it can bring back semi-complex questions and then I plan to conduct additional research to ensure that whatever I write about is factually sound. As such I read a short article about a...

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Biofuel v. Electric Automobiles

Will electric vehicles prevail over the movement to use biofuels? This largely depends on who you are talking to.   The US government has pushed for electric automobiles to replace fossil-fueled cars and is providing some incentives to purchase them. Be aware...

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Transforming Global Energy

Governments around the world are incorporating legislation for the rapid adoption of sustainable energy sources. There are several sustainable innovations that will change the way our energy sector currently operates. They range from cleaner energy production to smart...

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Machine Learning (ML): Supervised, Semisupervised, and Unsupervised

Machine Learning (ML) is shaking up the rapidly moving artificial intelligence (AI) industry in the technology sector. There are various types of machine learning that range from supervised to semisupervised and unsupervised. I will attempt to outline how they work...

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Ever wonder why what used to be no longer is? I know I do. It is exciting to learn about what was once lost and is now found. Thonis-Heracleion is one such wonder. Thonis-Heracleion was named by the Egyptians (Thonis) and the Greeks (Heraceleion). At one-point...

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H.R.4346, Chips and Science Act

The Chips and Science Act was introduced in 2021 and became law in 2022. This act is a direct result of America choosing to compete with China in the areas of semiconductors and microelectronics research and development. It provides funding incentives to include: the...

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