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Risks of ChatGPT et.al.

I have written extensively previously about ChatGPT and Google Bard, and Microsoft CoPilot. All are forms of artificial intelligence (AI) tools that use natural language processing (NLP) to generate responses in human-like tones. This is termed generative AI....

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El Nino and the Warming of the Ocean

According to NOAA the El Nino seasons typically see increased rainfall, drought in other locales around the world, record high temperatures, and more erratic weather activity. All of this impacts how we live and for many how they make a living.

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Artificial Intelligence – Good or Bad?

Generative AI has a very keen command of natural-language processing and can tap into vast amounts of stored information via queries, questions, and dialogue. With this information at one’s fingertips, they can effectively and efficiently make more informed decisions faster.

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Cuba Pre-Castro and Now

Cuba was once ruled by Spain. They obtained their independence in 1902. In the wake of that independence, they were economically hamstrung and blighted by corrupt governments. Congress in the United States passed the Platt Amendment which granted the US the right to...

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Work, in-office or remote

Remote work can be either direct hire or contracting. During the pandemic, this became the norm. However, as things normalize this may or may not be the future of work. There are some benefits to remote both types of work. Let’s look at them now. Most direct positions...

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Rental Frenzy

This article is about the rental of homes and apartments in Florida, more specifically the St. Augustine area which is located on the northeastern side of Florida. Pre-pandemic things were smooth sailing. Homes were rented for fair prices and renters were not gouged by greedy landlords. Life was good except for the looming pandemic.

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Space Junk

According to https://www.space.com/space-junk-astroscale-elsa-m-spacecraft-video there are over two thousand defunct satellites and there have been over six hundred on-orbit collisions due to space debris.

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Heard of WeChat? I had not until today, but it is HUGE in China!

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