How many of you have heard of Microsoft Mesh? I had not but fell into it quite by accident while reading an article about the Metaverse. Let me share what I learned.

Mesh is meant to be used while interacting on Microsoft Teams. You can select an avatar for yourself and it engages with the other participants using facial expressions, eye contact, and even gestures. So it’s you but even better. You can be anything you want to be there. 

Your experience does not stop there. Via using the Virtual Reality (VR) headsets on your tablet, mobile device, or pc you can connect anywhere at any time in 3D. This is called Holoportation. 

In the Holoportation phase, you can share information, collaborate with peers, and see the virtual landscape in new ways. Microsoft says “This common understanding ignites ideas, sparks creativity, and forms powerful bonds.” 

The HoloLens 2 allows you to work hands-free. There is a short video demonstration that is quite impressive. Currently, they are marketing the HoloLens 2 for whole organizations and not simply individuals, but there was also nothing to prohibit an individual from buying. They offer a few select industries where this technology might be most beneficial and those are: manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Take a look and let me know your thoughts. 

For example, under the manufacturing heading Microsoft says the following. “Boost your organization’s productivity. Manufacturers saved an average of $3,500 per avoided trip. Manufacturers increased revenue by up to 5% with mixed reality. Manufacturers reduced training time by 75% at an average savings of $30 per labor hour.” 

You can shop for it here and preview the pertinent features here and there are some pretty cool things you can do with this product. Will this be something that organizations or people will be fast to adopt? I am not so sure. Cost is a factor and as you might guess this technology is not cheap, but they also offer financing for those who might need to purchase over time. In order for this to work as suggested all participants must wear the proper gear to interact properly. 

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