Planets in Retrograde and How to Navigate the Changes

Apr 29, 20192019, Aries, Astro signs, Astrology, communication, love, relationships, self awareness, Taurus

Moods, emotions, and actions can be tied to what is occurring planetarily speaking. For instance, at this time Mercury is in Aries until May 6th when it turns into Taurus. Venus is also in Aries and will enter Taurus on May 15th. Mars is in Gemini and moves into Cancer on May 15th. Jupiter is in retrograde, but in Sagittarius too. Saturn and Pluto are also in retrograde and in Capricorn. All planets in retrograde at this time will go direct later this year. Uranus is in Taurus and semi-square with Neptune. Neptune is in Pisces.  So what does all of this mean for you and I?

Retrograde at the karmic level invites us to revisit the past. Let this journey help you to grow, renew, and reflect. Sometimes we need to pause, look inward, and see what detrimental patterns have emerged in the past so we can stop that cycle from occurring in our future. Maybe it’s nothing to do with patterns of behavior, maybe we simply need to revaluate our approach to career, friendships, romance, etc. in order to move forward with renewed purpose, to transform our lives, or better determine where to place our focus. It is a prime time to release old wounds so we are able to embrace a newer brighter future.

Jupiter in retrograde asks us to reevaluate our faith, reflect on your beliefs and moral codes in order to gain perspective and insight. Saturn in retrograde means we ought to complete old tasks before taking on new ones, review our goals and ensure they still fit with our ambitions, and take an honest look at the structure of our life. Pluto in retrograde ushers in transformation, personal and professional growth, and gives birth to our powers of manifestation.

As we move out of Aries and into Taurus we ought to know a few things about that fixed sign. Are you or someone you know a Taurean? They are an earth sign ruled by Venus that is typically reliable, sensual, practical, strong-willed and ambitious, good with finances, and has an eye for beauty or finery. However, they can also be quite inflexible and stubborn, lazy at times, materialistic, self-indulgent, and possessive.

I hope this helps you to follow your internal GPS toward a more fulfilling, enlightened life.






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