The Final Eclipse of 2018 is Upon Us!

Aug 11, 2018Uncategorized

The final Eclipse of 2018 occurs tonight. This special eclipse brings about a close to the intense cycle of transformation we’ve all been moving through.

It’s been a very challenging thus far. Massive shifting continues to transpire in all areas of your life as the entire universe guides you toward alignment with your highest life purpose and assures you that you need be authentic in all you do and aspire to do.

This Eclipse cycle is about the transformation of you!

This Eclipse Cycle ends tonight, August 11th. It is a Solar Eclipse on a New Moon. It’s not really an ending, but really a place to construct new beginnings.

This precipice provides you the opportunity to emerge from the transformational gateway in alignment with your next step in your life purpose.
You should step forward into the next phase of your life purpose with a greater sense of love, courage, and an awareness of the light being that you are.

Let yourself revel in self-empowerment, feel it growing and expanding within and outside of you. Align your thoughts and actions with your highest soul path. Let the world see your light shining brightly and radiantly.

Greet whatever feelings arising from this transformation with love, remain present. Ask the angels for help releasing the old energy and continue returning to thoughts filled with love and healing light.

Step up your self-love and care. Realize that you are transforming and  changing, evolving and energizing.. You are moving into alignment with the highest possibilities and greatest opportunities for your life.

Enjoy the eclipse!


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