The New Moon in Aries

Apr 6, 20192019, Aries, Astro signs, Astrology, New moon energy, Zodiac

April 5th was the new moon and it moved into Aries. The various phases of the moon affect us and understanding that dynamic can help us navigate our lives with increased purpose. This sector will enable us to begin new projects, jobs, or relationships. Furthermore, Aries will remain the controlling element until near the end of the month when the moon moves into Libra.

Looking back, last year was a tumultuous time for many of us. Mercury was in retrograde and the moon ended in Pisces which made communication and relationships difficult. The retrograde had many considering whether to stick to a relationship or move on. While some found took a second look and leap of faith with love, others were not so fortunate. It also invited us to go within and look at self. Too often people forget that their outside life is a mirror image of what is inside. There were lessons to be learned and an increased focus on self. How did you react to those insights?

In the next few days Neptune and Mercury will find themselves in conjunction. Typically, this provides us with renewed stimulation to move forward and tackle whatever we set of hearts and minds to do. What do you dream of? Take a chance on life or love! Jump in with both feet. Your ambitions in this regard should be met with success.

The sun is our masculine energy and the moon is feminine. This does not mean that we are simply one of the other. Balanced people will find they house a little of both. This means that we need to harmonize our relationships and not rush into anything without proper thought as to the outcome. Personal growth takes place from the outside in. Sometimes who we thought we were is not who we actually are.

If the retrograde shook up your relationships and emphasized the faults leading to separation that occurred because there was a misalignment with the relationship and our dreams. If you embarked upon a relationship during retrograde manage your expectations before leaping forward even if it seems like the thing you want to do. Sometimes young love gets caught up in the sparks and there is nobody tending the embers. Or maybe that fire will fizzle because it burned too hot too fast. Take your time. If your working through some things with your ex be sure to set boundaries and move ahead certain of yourself.

New moons mean new beginnings. What does your new beginning look like? Rest assured that Aries is not the best planner and this sign hates to act. Knowing that, whatever you decide tread with caution. I’ll check in with you again toward the end of this month. Enjoy a fresh perspective on life!




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