What happened on April 5th?

Apr 5, 2019history

I thought it might be interesting to interject a bit of history into our current timeframe. Here is what I found. I hope you learn from and enjoy the journey.

In 1242 Eastern Orthodox Christians tanged with the Northern Crusaders who felt compelled to extinguish pagans. Russian and Estonian troops of the Livonian Order led by Prince Alexander Nevsky were invaded by the Teutonic knights led by Bishop Dorpat. The battle was fought on frozen Lake Peipus and was called the Battle on the ice. The Eastern Orthodox Christians prevailed!

On this day in 1614 Pocahontas married John Rolfe, an early English colonist.  Rolfe was known for cultivating the first crop of tobacco in Virginia as an export product.

The first Presidential veto was cast by George Washington on this day in 1792.  The bill put forth was to add a delegate to the House of Representatives for a population in any given state with more than 30,000 citizens. This veto was signed because President Washington cited that the Constitution stated otherwise. It held that each state would get one person to represent them in the House. Also, there were only eight states at that time that had more than 30,000 citizens and if this apportionment were to pass it would give them an advantage over the remaining states.

Hong Kong was designated a British colony under the Treaty of Nanking on this auspicious day in 1843 by Queen Victoria after the First Opium War with China. Hong Kong had become an important trading port for England and the world. England continued to expand their control in that region for many years to come. In 1997 Hong Kong was given back to China.

Mahatma Gandhi set out to protest the salt tax. He was determined to make salt which was against the British provision expressly stating this activity was prohibited. He had dozens of followers. Salt had been a lucrative commodity for the British and they did not want any competition in this regard. Gandhi established a peaceful demonstration that changed the face of the world and the landscape of India. The year was 1930 and this was titled the Salt March.

I hope this short article regarding some of the well and lesser known facts from the past helps you gain some perspective on what we do and don’t do today.












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