I’ve previously written about ChatGPT and Microsoft Mesh. This article is about Wordtune.

Wordtune is another written command prompted artificial intelligence (AI) program. They are not brand new. A121 Labs created Wordtune in 2018. According to their website (https://www.wordtune.com) their “…goal is to revolutionize the way we read and write.” How do they go about this?

A121 Labs states that they devised an advanced version of AI that is able to mimic the nuances of written text by taking into account the various language models and semantics of the same. They also make the distinction that other AI programs do not yet have this ability. Wordtune can literally take your thoughts and make them into words on the screen/page.

Some special features that they share on their website deal with rewriting sentences or phrases using new ideas, the ability to vary tone according to audience, taking the speech patterns of a regular person and making them sound polished and professional, taking wordy thoughts and text and making them more succinct or clear, and expanding upon your thoughts to provide detail and depth. Pretty impressive right?

Supposedly you can simply click on the “Get the Add-in” tab on their homepage and upload that to Mircosoft Word. In their words “Express exactly what you mean, right where you work.” If you click on that tab it will ask if you want it to open in Word. Go ahead, give it a whirl!

Wordtune offers what they call “Spices”. These complete your thoughts or words. They say “…and write better, faster…”. There is a video and an example you can preview and a short free trial. It allows you to select how you want to spice things up. The choices are; explain, emphasize, expand, provide an example, provide a counterargument, define things, or give an analogy. That is quite a variety.

You can add a free synonym tab to Chrome. It allows you to highlight the word you want to change, click on the Wordtune icon, and then select what synonym you want to insert. You can also know that your sentences are grammatically correct and free of errors. At the bottom of this page it shows that you can use this feature on Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack Web, Whatsapp, and Outlook.

As if this website could read my thoughts the next option was to avoid plagiarism. There is a free trial here too. You simply write your sentence and let Wordtune do the rest. They have a scrolling text of top universities and their logos that have considered this a formidable platform for writing. Again, Wordtune says that this program can “rewrite any text, improve your grades, stay plagiarism free, finish assignments faster, write with confidence, and enhance vocabulary choices.”

Wordtune has another sister option called Wordtune Read that is able to preview videos and/or articles and provide you will a complete summary including the important timestamps. Wordtune Read is able to discern academic articles from business reports, magazine articles, blog posts or news. It’s as easy as this: (see diagram below)


So, to summarize what I just learned about Wordtune it can take your imperfect grammar and make it perfect, assist you in being able to write considerably faster, provide facts to back up your sentences, and allow you to have more engaging content. There are downloads available for Chrome and extensions for same, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, and even iOS. What could be better?

To learn more or to test this new fangled AI please visit their website at https://www.wordtune.com


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