This is the introduction for my newest book that I am working on and hopefully will complete by this summer. I am researching and interviewing some of the lesser known people with keen psychic abilities to include here. I hope you will buy it when it comes out. Until then please enjoy learning about psychic phenomena.

How many of you have heard of psychics? How many have consulted a psychic for advice? I have and I have found some who were legit and others who were serious frauds. If you are new to the world of psychics then I offer the below.

According to psychic is defined as the following:

definition of psychic (Entry 1 or 2)

1of or relating to the psychePSYCHOGENIC

2lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledgeimmaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force

3sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influencesmarked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding

Definition of psychic (Entry 2 of 2)

1aa person apparently sensitive to nonphysical forces

bMEDIUM sense

2psychic phenomena

Let me add that psychics are not simply people who are able to see and predict future events. They possess super clear extra sensitivities. Those abilities are above and beyond what the normal person can sense or feel. There are ten major sensibilities that psychic people may make use of in their predictions.

Clair means to have clear intuition or clarity. In these descriptions for the various psychic extra sensitivities we will add clair to the sense or intuition being highlighted.

Some psychics can hear voices or sounds of people or animals or even nature distant to them or even messages from dead people or animals or nature meant to be given to their survivors. These are called Clairaudient.

Some psychic people can pick up on the vibes, thoughts, or emotions, both good and bad, of people, or even moods of people, and those psychics are called Clairsentient. This form of hyper intuition can sometimes be as subtle as a gut reaction, but it is a feeling about what is happening, has happened, or about to happen.

Claircognizant is when a psychic has knowledge about past or future events. This is termed having a clear knowledge that it will occur with no factual reasoning behind this intuitive response.

When future events, objects, or actions can be seen in the mind’s eye of the psychic we call this Clairvoyance or the act of being Clairvoyant.

Any intuition derived from scents is called Clairsalience. These scents can come from perfumes, other fragrances, substances, animals, places, or odors outside of their home environment. This intuition is sometimes referred to as Clairscent too. The psychic can walk into a place and smell all that has occurred there.

Being Clairtangent means that the psychic has only to touch something or someone to sense what is going on or will soon occur. This includes the history of objects when touched.

Clairtaction is a step further in touch and intuition in that it involves the touch from a spiritual being or other spiritual entity. Both the psychic and the other being can feel the touch. The spiritual being or entity can be present or remote to the psychic. The touch is for a specific purpose.

Clairgustance is the ability to taste intuitively a specific thing.

If a psychic can sense the feelings, attitudes, and emotions of another person, animal, or place this is called Clairempathy. This may feel quite real to the psychic and may be in direct proportion to the feelings, attitudes, and emotions of those involved.

Intuitive communication is called Claireloquence. This is almost like speaking in code in that a word or combination of words or sounds connotes a specific objective or hoped for result.

When a psychic being ascends it is said that they are Clairessent.





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